(the episode begins with everyone doing their job and Pops comes downstairs until he hears my oc Becca singing in her beautiful singing voice while she's mopping in the kitchen and he quietly takes a peek without her seeing him and he smiles at her while she's cleaning the kitchen with the mop and singing)

Becca: (in her beautiful singing voice) high above oh, sing sweet nightingale sing sweet nightingale high oh, sing sweet nightingale sing sweet nightingale oh, sing sweet nightingale sing sweet oh, sing sweet nightingale sing sweet nightingale, sing oh, sing sweet nightingale oh, sing sweet oh, sing

Pops: (he was smiling at Becca and her song she singand he loved the song she sing) good show! jolly good show!

Becca: (she got startled by Pops and she accidently slip and fell by the wet floor when she mop the kitchen and she hit her head by the fall) oh my head

Pops: oh my! are you ok?

Becca: oh my yes i'm ok Pops though i'm a little lit headed after i hit my head on the floor but i'm ok still (she smile at Pops and she put her hand on her head meaning she's lit headed)

Pops: let's put you to bed to lay down

Becca: but what about the floor Pops i need to finish mopping the kitchen and if i'm not done mopping i'll get in trouble by Benson (she makes a sad look on her face)

Pops: i will tell him you don't feel good

Becca: ok Pops and thank you (she smile at him and she gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and she gets lit headed again)

Pops: come on let's get you to bed

Becca: yes sir (he and she go upstairs to her room and she lays down on her bed and he tucked her in and he her forehead for her to get better) thank you Pops (she smiles at him)

Pops: (he smiles back at her) your welcome

Becca: (she smile at him still and she closes her eyes to rest and he quietly leave her room and he close her door and 2 hours later she hears Mordecai and Rigby saying the phase they always say so she got up and went downstairs to see what's wrong) Mordecai Rigby what's wrong? (she then sees something they found while doing their choices) oh my what is that guys?

Rigby: a laser

Becca: cool and what does it do Rigby? (Pops comes downstairs to find her but he sees her) oh hello there Pops

Rigby: (he then shoots them and it made them shrink)

Becca: ahh! Rigby why did you do that for!?

Rigby: sorry!

Becca: man Rigby if me and Pops were back to our original size again i would punch you right now (she starts to punching Rigby's foot)

Rigby: (he picks up Becca)

Becca: (she grunts trying to escape from Rigby) put me down Rigby or you're gonna get it!

Rigby: (he then flick her back but he still held on to her)

Becca: hey! (she growls at Rigby and then she bites his finger to make him put her down)

Rigby: OW! that's it now i'm flicking your butt! (then he flick her butt and she cried out in pain)

Mordecai: dude!

Pops: Rigby! please stop hurting Becca!

Rigby: until she say sorry

Becca: say your sorry first then i'll say my sorry to you ok Rigby? (she was still in pain when Rigby is still flick her butt)

Rigby: ok i'm sorry (he stops flicking her butt)

Becca: (she has water in her eyes but she was upset by Rigby) thank you and i'm sorry too Rigby and can you pick Pops up too please?

Rigby: (he soon picked up Pops) sorry i wanted to hit you but i was afraid that i might squish you plus i thought i was hitting your back

Becca: it's alright Rigby although you do need to wash your hands after you and Mordecai did and i'm sorry about that too

Mordecai: how are we gonna turn them back?

Rigby: how am i suppose to know dude there's no reverse on this laser plus if Benson see Becca and Pops like this he's gonna fire us

Becca: (she's still rubbing her butt from the pain) man my butt stings!

Pops: (he comforts Becca) it's ok Becca and how are we going to go back to normal Mordecai Rigby?

Mordecai: we gotta take them to Skips

Rigby: yeah let's do it (they were about to go to Skips until Benson comes in and he quickly hides Becca and Pops from Benson)

Benson: hey guys

Mordecai: oh hey Benson we were just going to the arcades to play some games there right Rigby? (he elbows Rigby)

Rigby: uh yeah!

Benson: ok but you two better get back and continue your job ok?

Mordecai: ok

Benson: alright (Mordecai and Rigby leaves the house and they get on the golf cart and they drive to Skips' place while Becca and Pops feel the breeze when Mordecai is driving the cart)

Becca: (she giggles) this breeze feels great when you're small right Pops?

Pops: (he smile at Becca) right!

Becca: (she laughs and she lifts up her arm looking like she's flying) hey look i'm flying Pops weeee *she was giggling)

Pops: (he was giggling too)

Becca: (she giggles again) come on Pops lift your up like you're flying

Pops: (he lifts his arm up like Becca and he begins to laugh) weeee!

Becca: weeee! (she begins to laugh)

Mordecai: we're here

Becca: (Mordecai stop the cart by pushing the break causing to make Becca and Pops lose their balance and they started to fall) whoa!

Rigby: (luckily he caught them)

Becca and Pops: (both sigh of relief when they were about to fall but Rigby caught them) thank you Rigby

Rigby: your welcome

Mordecai: (they get out of the cart and he knocks on Skips' door) Skips we need your help!

Skips: (he opens his door and he sees Mordecai and Rigby) what's the matter?

Becca: (Rigby shows Skips her and Pops who are small now) Skips we need your help with this problem

Skips: don't worry i can fix it

Rigby: but how though Skips?

Skips: we have to give them a potion

Becca: oh what a relief thank you Skips

Skips: (he gives them a potion)

Becca: oh wait Skips

Skips: what?

Becca: i know this might sound crazy but i do always want to know how being small is cool and do all kinds of things when i do small things and i was wondering if me and Pops can stay the way we are until we want to turn back to normal Skips?

Skips: uh...

Becca: please Skips? (she gives him a cute eyes to him)

Skips: ok

Becca and Pops: horray! (she hugs Pops) thank you Skips

Mordecai: what do you wanna do?

Skips: you and Rigby have to keep an eye on Becca and Pops if anything goes wrong and if Benson knows that Becca and Pops are what they are just tell him of what happen ok?

Rigby: ok

Skips: (he nods at Rigby and he looks down at Becca and Pops) you two be really careful ok?

Becca: we will Skips (she smiles at Skips until Pops raises his hand to tell him something)

Skips: yes Pops?

Pops: i'm afraid of being small! what if we get squish!

Skips: you and Becca won't get squish Pops

Becca: i agree and besides i have watch tv shows and movies about people being the same size like me and you are right now and you can say i know some things about being small even though i have never being small until now just don't worry ok Pops?

Pops: ok

Becca: (she smile at Pops) come on Mordecai Rigby me and Pops want to start our mini adventure

Pops: (he giggled by her joke)

Becca: (she giggled too) do you get it Mordecai Rigby Skips?

Mordecai: yeah..

Becca: (she giggles and she shakes Rigby's finger acting like a child) come on Rigby let's go

Rigby: don't make me whip your butt again!

Becca: (she pouted a little and groan) fine

Mordecai: (then they went back to the house) ok Becca and Pops just stay together and don't get lost too and if you do or need help give us a shout and we'll help you ok?

Becca: ok Mordecai we will and we won't get lost

Pops: yep!

Mordecai: ok and have fun you two (Rigby puts Becca and Pops down on the floor and she and Pops begin their adventure)

Pops: look a cookie!

Becca: oohlet's get that cookie Pops (they were about to get the cookie but then a huge mouse came) ahhh! let's get out of here Pops! (she grabs Pops' hand and they ran as fast as they can until a huge mouse stops chasing them and they pant and she starts to be scared because of the mouse) man i really hate mice especially rats (she starts to get goose bumps)

Pops: (but then the mouse came and got Pops) BECCA!

Becca: POPS! (she begins to get really angry and she starts climbing up on the mouse without being scared) GET YOUR FLITY HANDS OFF OF POPS YOU FLITY RAT!! (she punches the mouse really hard in the eye causing the mouse to be in pain and to make Pops fall but luckily she catches him just in time) are you alright Pops?

Pops: i got a boo-boo! (he shows her his arm)

Becca: oh it's ok Pops don't worry i'll kiss your boo-boo Pops (she kiss his arm to make him feel better* do you feel all better Pops?

Pops: a little

Becca: please don't cry Pops if anything goes bad or wrong i'll protect you no matter what ok Pops? (she holds his hand to let him know she'll protect him)

Pops: (he smiled a little)

Becca: (she did the same thing too) i'll call Mordecai to get us a tooth picks and small items for me and you to protect us from any danger ok Pops?

Pops: ok

Becca: (she nods at Pops) Mordecai!!

Mordecai: yeah?

Becca: we need a tooth pick and small items for me and Pops to protect us from any danger and for us to climb up on and other stuff can you get us that Mordecai?

Mordecai: sure

Becca: thank you Mordecai

Mordecai: (he gives them the toothpick)

Becca and Pops: thank you Mordecai

Mordecai: your welcome

Becca: (she smiles at Mordecai and she acts her tooth pick a sword) en grade Pops! (she laughs)

Pops: (he laughs too) en grade!

Becca: (she laughs and she and Pops start playing sword fight by using tooth pick as a sword and Mordecai watches them sword fight but then Pops accidently poke Mordecai's leg)

Mordecai: OW!

Pops: sorry!

Mordecai: it's ok Pops it was a accident and just be careful you two ok Becca and Pops?

Pops: ok

Mordecai: ok he leaves and Becca and Pops continue their adventure until she and he sees Benson and Becca has a idea)

Becca: hey Pops i just got a idea

Pops: what?

Becca: let's me and you climb on Benson quietly and me and you can tickle him without him notices it was me and you what do you think of the idea Pops?

Pops: good show!

Becca: (she giggle) follow me (she and Pops run to Benson when he's sitting at the table while drinking his coffee and the two start climbing on Benson and she and he went to his arm pit to tickle him and she talks to Pops in a whisper voice) are you ready Pops?

Pops: ready!

Becca: 3,2,1 go! (she and Pops begins to tickle Benson while she and Pops giggles but Benson started to feel a tickling noise and she stop making a tickling noise) shh let's not let Benson hear our tickling noise ok Pops?

Pops: ok

Becca: (she nods at Pops and they continue to tickle Benson quietly)

Benson: (he started to laugh)

Becca: (she giggles quietly) let's keep going Pops this is really fun

Benson: (he soon begin to laugh out loud and Becca and Pops continue to tickle Benson and Benson is on the floor laugh out loud still) what's...going....on!?! (they continue to tickle him until he calls Mordecai)

Mordecai: what?

Benson: (he's still laugh out loud) who's tickling me!?! (Mordecai then sees Becca and Pops tickling him but he didn't want to tell Benson so Mordecai had to think of something until he got it)

Mordecai: i don't know Benson....

Benson: what do you mean you don't know? (he continues to laugh)

Mordecai: i wish they stop

Benson: who Mordecai!?!

Mordecai: uh....a ghost?

Benson: (he makes a confuse look but he was still laughing until he starts to cry from laughing)

Mordecai: (he whispers to them) guys stop!

Becca: (she whispers back to Mordecai) ok Mordecai (she and Pops stop tickling Benson and Benson was breathless after laughing so much)

Rigby: (he walks to the kitchen and he sees Benson on the floor breathless) what happen to you?

Benson: (he was breathless) i...really..don't..know Rigby

Mordecai: maybe you should take a nap or something

Benson: yeah maybe i should take a nap but you two better not fooling around when i'm taking a nap

Mordecai: don't worry we won't

Benson: good (before he gets up Becca and Pops jumps off of Benson and he gets up and goes upstairs to take a nap then Mordecai and Rigby gives Becca and Pops a mad look on their faces and she and Pops makes a fake smile at Mordecai and Rigby)

Mordecai: why did you guys did that?

Becca: (she and Pops bowed their head in sadness and she feels guilty for having that idea she made) i'm sorry Mordecai it's all my fault i had this idea of tickling Benson so me and Pops climb up on Benson and we started tickling him we was just having fun i'm sorry Mordecai and Rigby (she makes a sad look on her face)

Rigby: it's alright just don't do it again

Becca: ok Rigby (she was still sad until Pops cheered her up)

Pops: it's ok

Becca: (she smiled a little) ok Pops do you want to continue our adventure Pops?

Pops: (he smiles at Becca) yes!

Becca: ok Pops! (she and Pops continue their adventure and everything seems going good for her and Pops) ooh Pops let's go to your room and see if we can find anything cool

Pops: good show!

Becca: (she giggles) let's go Pops (she and Pops were on their way to the stairs to go to Pops' room until they realize the stairs were really long for them to climb up) oh dear this can't be good it'll take ages for me and you to finally get up to your room

Pops: oh it's quite aliright i'll call Rigby to help us go to my room Becca (he smile at Becca)

Becca: (she smile back at Pops) ok Pops

Pops: RIGBY!

Rigby: yeah?

Becca: can you take me and Pops to his room please Rigby my good man?

Rigby: ok

Becca: thank you Rigby (Rigby picksthem up and he takes them to Pops' room for them and he leaves his door open just in case if they call him or Mordecai) thank you again Rigby

Rigby: no problem

Becca: anytime Rigby (she and Pops start to run to explore Pops' room while they laugh) ooh look Pops there's some of your stuff under your bed let's go under your bed Pops

Pops: i wonder what's under there?

Becca: let's find out Pops (she and Pops run under his bed and they see all of his stuff even his hat he's been looking for)

Pops: oh look there's my hat i have been looking for my hat for days and i never knew my hat would be under my bed

Becca: it's ok Pops i'm glad me and you found your hat (she smile at him)

Pops: (he smile back) yes indeed

Becca: (she giggle until she starts to sneeze meaning it's dusty under his bed) excuse me

Pops: that's ok

Becca: ok Po- (she stop talking and she starts to get scared meaning they seeing something crawling towards them)

Pops: i'm scared

Becca: me too (they then see it was a spider crawling towards them and her eyes grew widen when she saw a spider and she talks in a stutter voice) spi-spi-spi-spider!!! (she grabs Pops and they ran as fast as they to get away from the spider while she's screaming in fear)

Pops: (he then trip and hurt his ankle) Becca!

Becca: Pops! (she sees the spider coming towards Pops and she makes a brave look on her face and she quickly picked up Pops and she continue to run) this is bad how are we suppose to make the spider not chase us anymore?

Pops: bugs?

Becca: that's a good idea Pops but i don't see any bugs in your ro- (she then sees a bug and she smiled) Pops you're a genius

Pops: thank you ow

Becca: your welcome and i'm sorry about that (she puts him down gently and she uses a rope to get the bug and she caught it) hey spider take this! (she throws the bug at the spider and it stop chasing them and it takes the bug and leaves) phew what a relief huh Pops?

Pops: yes but my ankle hurts...

Becca: (she feels so sorry for Pops and she decided to want to turn back to normal) Pops i don't want to see you getting hurt when we're like this i think it's time for me and you to go back to normal

Pops: ok can you help me i can't really walk

Becca: of course Pops i'll do anything to help my bestest friend (she smiles at him and she picks him up and she calls for Mordecai)

Mordecai: yeah?

Becca: Mordecai can you take me and Pops downstairs please me and Pops are done with our adventure and i need to nurse Pops too and me and Pops are ready to back to normal

Mordecai: ok

Becca: thank you Mordecai (Mordecai picks them up and he goes downstairs and then they are at Skips)

Skips: (he gets the potion out for Becca and Pops to take) are you ready Becca and Pops?

Becca: yes Skips we're ready (Skips gives them the potion and then they are back to normal) thank you so much Skips and i have to take Pops back home to nurse his ankle

Skips: ok

Becca: (she nods and she puts Pops back in the cart by carrying him to the cart and they are back at the house where she put badges on his ankle* there you go Pops this will make your ankle feel all better *she kiss his ankle to make him feel better and she smile at him)

Pops: Skips said it was just a sprain

Becca: oh i'm sorry about that Pops (she makes a nervous laugh)

Pops: it's quite alright but i had fun

Becca: (she smiled at him) ok Pops and yes i had funn too it was great to be small but sometimes being small can be really dangerous too but it's ok being small can be good sometimes too Pops

Pops: yes it can

Becca: yes i agree Pops at least me and you had a great adventure being small right Pops? (she gives him a wram smile)

Pops: (he then gives her a kiss on the cheek)

Becca: (she smile and blushes) do you want me sing the song you heard me singing Pops?

Pops: (he smiles at her) yes i'm a little tried

Becca: (she giggle) ok Pops (she truck him in on his bed and she begins to sing the song she sang today when she was cleaning the kitchen)

Pops: (he soon fell asleep after her song ends)

Becca: (she smile at Pops and she kiss him on the cheek) goodnight and sweet dreams Pops (she leaves his room quietly and she close his door and her and Pops' adventure was a great adventure for them when they were small)