(Fists and Jay are walking on the street once more.)

Fists: The name's Fists. I fight crime with my partner, Jay. Today, we're gonna meet our two new workers.

Jay: The name's Jay. I fight crime with my partner, Fists. Me and him are going to meet these two new girls. Donald will introduce them to us.

(The two walk into Donald's Detectives".)

Donald: Fists, Jay, I'd like you to meet Robin and Kicks. They worked at a rival detective agency until their boss suddenly died. Hmm.

Robin: Hey, Jay.

Jay: Oh my...........

(Jay fantasizes about Robin.)

Robin: Umm, Jay?

Jay: Nothing.

Kicks: Umm, hi, Fists.

Fists: Yeah, yeah, small talk, small talk.

Donald: Glad you're all coperating. Well, come back to me for some evidence. Want sugar, girls?

(Notices Donald's crotch.)

Robin: Umm, no thanks.

Kicks: Agreed.

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