Rigby 2
Rigby is a Main Character who takes a role as a Groundskeeper at the Park, he and his best friend Mordecai are known to Slack off.


He has brown fur, with black circles around his eyes, while his tail has Black stripes.


Rigby is often lazy and rarely finishes his work. He is also seen to be stubborn as seen in "Bet to Be Blonde," were he refused to tell Mordecai he cheated on their bet.



Mordecai is Rigby's best friend and they have been best friends since they were young. They often argue and fight with each other, but they make up.


Eileen is considered a possible crush by Rigby. In "Camping can Be Cool," Rigby was impressed by Eileen and how much she knew about the wilderness survival. In "One Pull Up," Eileen trains Rigby for his pull up exam and supports him. In "Diary," Rigby admits he likes Eileen with her glasses off. Under Construction


The Power

In The Power Mordecai and Rigby break a hole in the wall, So they use this Magic Keyboard Rigby stole from a Wizard, They then named the Magic Keyboard "The Power" and start using it, They first test the Keyboard on Pops, they succeed and Pops gives them both a Butterscotch Ripple, They then test it on Benson, He gives them $20. They are suprised by this and use it to do other things, But Rigby sends Skips to the Moon, So Mordecai, Benson, and Pops go to the Moon with Rigby to help save Skips, but when they get there, there is a Moon Monster, Rigby attempts to use the Power to Get Skips from the Monsters Grasp, but its Batteries are Dead, So Rigby remembers when he was Hamboning Mordecai, and runs to the Monster and Hambones him, The Monster Drops Skips and attempts to Punch Rigby, but the Cart Zooms by and grabs Skips before Rigby before he is hit, Skips then powers up the Power's battery by taking the Carts Wires and uses Static Electricity to power it up, They use the Power and they are in Mordecai and Rigby's Room, Benson is angered and Demands that they give Skips the Power, They do so and Skips destroys it, Benson then takes back his $20 and Skips, Pops, and Benson leave the room, they notice the hole is still there and covers it with a Poster.