This is the fifth episode of Regular Show's Season 7.


A worker at Wing Kingdom accidentally drops a weird toxin into the wing sauce.The next day,when Muscle Man goes to eat some wings,he gets very sick.There's a party going on at the park and the guys go to the party,Starla,Camillia and Eileen are there too.Muscle Man starts to get really sick,he throws up,his barf suddenly starts to move,it turns into a big wing sauce creature.Benson and Rigby try to help Muscle Man who is unconsious,while Skips,Mordecai and Fives try to stop the creature.Pops,Starla,Eileen,Camillia and the other people are hiding and running,the group is throwing with tables at the creature when they finally realise it grows when it eats non-food items.Skips figures that if he only eats non-food items,real food would weaken him,everyone starts throwing with food.When the creature is finally defeated,everyone party's a bit more and leave then,when Benson,Mordecai and Rigby are talking,we get a close-up from the bushes,surprisingly Nicolai is watching the group,he says "I'll be back,I'll be back...",then he walks back into the bushes,and the episode ends with the screen zooming out to an overview of the park,seeing Mordecai,Rigby and Benson walk away from the party tent.


Minor Characters

  • Starla
  • Several Unnamed Partiers
  • Wing Kingdom Worker
  • Thomas