RS Pops

Pops Maellard is a Main Charater of of Regular Show, He is a rich lollipop man who father owns the park as well as the house, which Pops shares with Mordecai and Rigby


Regular Show Season 7 a fan-fic by Thibo1102.

Pops was the featured character in this along with Rigby,when Huge Head and Doug take their identities he and Rigby try put an end to this impersonating madness.


Mr. Maellard

Mr. Maellard is Pops' father,this means they have a good,working relationship with eachother.


Mordecai and Pops are co-workers and really good freinds.


Rigby and Pops are co-workers and really good freinds.


Benson is Pops' boss,meaning they have a good relationship with eachother.

Huge Head

Huge Head and Pops are archenemies,meaning they don't have a very good relationship.