Normal Show
Season Luigi, Episode 3
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"The Puffle Next Door"
"The Prank's on You"
Normal Show is an episode of Regular Show.

The Tale

(Episode begins at the house, we see a Pink Puffle, a blue jay with eyelashes and a flower in her hair and a raccoon with eyelashes and her hair in a ponytail on the couch playing video games)

Mariah: OOOOO! You lost again, Rita!

Rita: Shut it!

Peach: Listen girls, I want to go back to work

Rita: (Annoyed) Boo!

Mariah: Yeah, Peach, can't you stay for one more round?

Peach: Thanks for the offer

(Peach hops out of The House)

Rita: Ugh, Peach never stays for more than a few rounds!

Mariah: Listen Rita, Peach just wants to not get in trouble with Bella

Rita: I know, but she never just has fun for one whole day

Mariah: Listen, Peach has a different opinion, and I don't want her to be alone, so I'm going with her

(Mariah leaves The House)

Rita: (Flipping through TV channels) How can I get Peach to have fun more? (Stops on a TV channel)

TV Ad Man: Do you want to control your friends and make them do what you want to do? Well then here's your chance! For the next 5 minutes, anyone who orders the Hypno-Wheel gets it FREE! You heard me, FREE! ORDER IT NOW!

Rita: (Using the phone, the rope is only shown) Hello, (Rope repeatedly shakes, excitedly) Give me a Hypno-Wheel! Give me a Hypno-Wheel I want it now!

(Scene cuts to later on, Rita has the Hypno-Wheel behind her back, walking to Peach)

Rita: Hey Peach, can I talk to you?

Peach: Sure, what for?

(Rita pulls out the Hypno-Wheel)

Rita: (Hypnotizing Peach) You are getting sleepy, very sleepy!

(Peach starts to get to get drowsy, then falls asleep, Rita grins)


Bella: (Driving the cart, notices Peach isn't working with Mariah, pulls over) Hey Mariah, where's Peach?

Mariah: I don't know, she was here a couple minutes ago

Bella: Get in the cart and we'll try to find her

(Mariah gets in the cart and the two drive off, looking for Peach, before they are drenched by red water balloons, scene cuts to the roof, Rita and Peach are laughing with a slingshot and red, orange, green, blue, black, yellow, white, pink, and dark red water balloons, scene cuts back to Mariah and Bella)

Bella: What has gotten into her?

Mariah: I don't know, but I don't think it was natural. We should ask Sierra