(A brief message from the creator) Ok, this is what I can think of which isn't really sci-fi and is a lot more beliveable.

(The episode starts with Mordecai, Rigby and Xeno at the junkyard)

Mordecai: So Xeno, why did you take us here?

Xeno: Meh, you can find lots of cool stuff here, oh look!

(Xeno pulls out a V8 engine from a trash pile)

Xeno: Cool! a V8 that still works! Imagine what could happen if I hook this up to the cart!

Rigby: Hey look! Someone threw away a perfectly good limo!

Xeno: Wait, that isn't just a limo.

(Xeno clears away the junk and it is revealed that the limo is actually part of the remains of Limosaurus without it's head.)

Xeno: I don't believe it!

Mordecai and Rigby: Coooooool!

Xeno: I hope that we can get this running again, it will only take a new head, a couple of spark plugs, a few quarts of oil and a new timing belt by the looks of it!

(A new head, Twenty spark plugs, 200 quarts of oil and a new timing belt later...)

Mordecai: Well this was easy.

Rigby: Xeno, is it ready yet?

Xeno: I don't think so, no matter how many times I rebuild the engine, I keep having leftover parts. Still, I think it would work.

Mordecai: So can we ride it?

Xeno: Look, I don't want you two getting hurt, so I think it's better if I ride it first and see if it is safe.

(Xeno climbs into the drivers seat and starts Limosaurus. Suddenly, Limosaurus starts walking.)

Xeno: Okay, better slam on the brakes before this thing does any REAL damage.

(The brake pedal snaps in half.)

Xeno: Crud.

(Limosaurus walks out of the junkyard and steps on a fast-food joint.)

Mordecai: Aw man, that place made the best chimichangas.

Rigby: At least it was closed.

(Limosaurus walks into the uptown area of the city and soon enough, the cops arrive.)

Cop: Okay whoever you are. stop this instant!

(Xeno looks out of the window.)

Cop: Xeno!? What are you doing there?

Xeno: I accidently started Limosaurus and the brakes broke!

Cop: Well can you steer it away from the donut shop?

Xeno: I'll try!

(Xeno grabs the steering wheel and it snaps in half.)

Xeno: Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

Cop: it's okay! you're heading for condemmation alley!

(Limosaurus demolishes every building that was condemmed, it is heading to the City Hall, a couple of fighter jets arrive.)

Xeno: Those jets are coming to help me right?

Cop: Nope, we had no choice but to call in a aerial strike.

(The 2 jets fire missles at Limosaurus.)

Xeno: Oh man. I hope they could fit Killed by a bunch of missles whilst piloting a giant dinosaur made out of limo's that once almost killed his friend's on my tombstone.

(Suddenly, Mordecai and Rigby are driving the cart towards Limosaurus.)

Mordecai: Hang on Xeno!

(He slams the cart on Limosauruses legs, making it narrowingly avoid the missles and start to walk towards the ocean.)

Cop: Limosaurus is heading away from City Hall, call off the air strike.

(Xeno jumps out of Limosauruses head and lands into the water.)

Xeno: Nice one guys! I owe you one!

Mordecai: You know, Benson's gonna kill us cos the cart's engine is busted.

Xeno: You know, I have a idea.

(A scene is shown that shows Mordecai, Rigby and Xeno riding the cart with the V8 Xeno found earlier replacing the engine.)