(Benson and the workers are having a meeting in the living room of Pops's House.)

Benson: All right, I've been thinking. I think all workers here should have driver's licenses. So, show me your driver's licenses. All of you.

Skips: Here's mine.

Pops: And mine. Haha!

Muscle Man: Here's mine, bro!

Hi Five Ghost: And mine.

Benson: Mordecai, Rigby, show me your licenses.

Rigby: Uhh.. yeah. About that.........

Benson: I don't care. Just show me your licenses.

Mordecai: But........ we don't have them.

Benson: Haha! Are you kidding me? Can't say I'm not surprised. Go to the local DMV, and if you pass, you still get to work here. But if you don't pass, you're fired!

Rigby: Aww what?! That's bull!

Benson: Tough gumballs!

Rigby: Eat your own gumballs!

Benson: Ugh...... just go.

(Mordecai and Rigby walk outside.)

Rigby: Ugh, that Benson can kiss my brown, furry, a-.

Mordecai: Assignment, Rigby. It's just an assignment. Besides, we're 23. We can pass that driving test no problem.

Rigby: I hope you're right.

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