(Episode begins with Mordecai and Rigby walking in the park)

Rigby: Dude, I am so bored. There's nothing to do here!

Mordecai: I know dude but I'm sure we'll find something that will entertain us.

(A sunlight beam is seen shining at M&R's eyes)

Rigby: Ow! What's causing this?

(They look into a bush and they find a mirror)

Mordecai: Check it out, it's a mirror.

Rigby: Weird, what's it doing in a bush?

Mordecai: I don't know but let's bring it to the house.

Rigby: Ok.

(They carry it to the house)

Rigby: Man, this is super heavy!

Mordecai: Don't worry, we're close to our room.

(They go into their room and put it against the wall)

Rigby: (talks to his reflection in the mirror) Why, who is this handsome devil?

Mordecai: Rigby, stop being childish. Come on, I'm beat. I'm going to bed.

Rigby: Yeah, same here.

(They go to their beds)

Mordecai: Good night Rigby.

Rigby: Good night Mordecai.

(They go to sleep and screen goes to the mirror and a green glow is seen coming from it and scene goes to the next day)

Mordecai: Come on dude, time to get going.

Rigby: Hold on, I wanna look at my handsome self in this mirror one more time before we leave. (looks at the mirror and the green glow shows again) Uh Mordecai, is a mirror supposed to glow green?

Mordecai: What? (Looks at the mirror) Dude, something's not right.

(The mirror starts to shake and sucks Mordecai and Rigby into a portal in the mirror and they land on the ground)

Mordecai: What happened?

Rigby: How should I know? Huh strange, it brought us outside.

Mordecai: Well I'm gonna go get something to eat in the kitchen.

(They see the house and its now a mansion)

Rigby: Whoa, that was a fast renovation.

Mordecai: Well let's just get in there.

(They go inside and the living room has a chimney, fur rugs, a leather couch for over 10 people, a big flat screen TV and a chandelier.)

Rigby: Dude, what happened to the living room?

Mordecai: Dude, something's wrong.

Rigby: Oh, you think?! Hey, where is everyone?

(Pops comes down the stairs and he's speaking like he did in the 80's)

Pops: Hello Mr.Mordecai, Mr.Rigby, how are you today?

Mordecai: Pops, what happened to the house?

Pops: What do you mean Mr.Mordecai?

Mordecai: OK, stop calling me Mr. and we were just in our room and then we got outside and now the house is a mansion!

Pops: The house has been a mansion. You two have quite an imagination.

Rigby: Dude, this isn't like Pops. He's never this normal, ever!

Mordecai: Maybe Skips can help us.

(Skips comes in the living room wearing a butler outfit and is walking)

Rigby: Skips, we need your help! And you're walking?!

Skips: Yes Rigby and my name is Walks, not Skips. Are you alright, you seem a little ill to me. Here have some tea.

(Gives him a cup of tea and they hear a car horn honk)

Pops: That must be Sir Benson and Miss Audrey, let them in!

(Skips opens the door for Benson and Audrey and Benson is wearing a tuxedo and Audrey is wearing a pink glittery dress)

Benson: Thanks Walks.

Audrey: Hi Pops, how are you today?

Pops: I am good and may I say that your dress is absolutely marvelous.

Audrey: Oh, thank you Pops.

(They see M&R)

Benson: Hey Mordecai, hey Rigby.

Mordecai: Benson? I've never seen you wear a tuxedo before.

Benson: What do you mean? I wear them every day. And, where are the kids?

M&R: Kids?!

Audrey: Yeah. You've met them before. Come on in.

(A little boy gumball machine and a little girl come into the living room also wearing a tuxedo and a dress)

Audrey: Mordecai, Rigby, you know Tyson and Kaitlyn.

Tyson and Kaitlyn: Hi uncle Mordecai and Rigby!

Rigby: Uncle?!

Mordecai: How can this get any worse?

(Muscle Man comes in from the kitchen and is tall and muscular and a human High-Five Ghost is walking next to him)

Mordecai: Spoke too soon.

Rigby: Muscle Man? High-Five Ghost?

High-Five Ghost: High-Five Ghost? What are you losers talking about? My name is Tyler.

Muscle Man: They're just being their idiotic selves.

Mordecai: Uh, Pops, Walks, Benson, Muscle Man, Tyler, would you guys come with us into the kitchen for a sec?

(They go into the kitchen)

Benson: So what do you want?

Rigby: This might seem crazy but we're not from this dimension.

Pops: What do you mean, you have been here ever since you started working here.

Mordecai: In our dimension, we found a mirror and when we brought it to the house, it turned green and it sucked us into a portal and then we landed here. And we need your help to get back to our dimension.

Walks: Prove to us that you're from a "different dimension".

Rigby: This is proof. (Gives a newspaper to them)

Tyler: (Reads the newspaper) The park welcomes new workers, a blue jay named Mordecai and a racoon named Rigby. Present workers are a yeti groundskeeper named Skips, who by his name skips, a human/monster hydroid groundskeeper named Muscle Man, his friend, also a groundskeeper, High-Five Ghost, their boss a gumball machine named Benson and the lollipop men owners of the park, Mr.Maellard and Pops Maellard.

Muscle Man: Aw man, I'm that fat in your world?!

Pops: I guess you do belong in another world.

Benson: But there really isn't anything we can do to help you.

Walks: Unless, I rebuild that mirror and that can take you back to your world.

Rigby: Thanks dude! Hey is their a coffee shop nearby?

Muscle Man: Yeah, just leave the park and go make a turn or two then there it is.

Mordecai: Let's hope Margaret and Eileen are the same here as in our world.

(They go to the Coffee Shop)

Rigby: Looks the same to me, thankfully.

(They sit at their table and Eileen comes to the table)

Eileen: Hey guys.

M&R: Hey Ei......leen?

(Shows Eileen not wearing glasses, her hair is down and is pretty-looking)

Rigby: Eileen, you look AMAZING!

Eileen: Thanks Rigby.

Mordecai: Where's Margaret?

Eileen: She's coming. Oh nevermind, there she is.

(Shows Margaret wearing glasses and looks nerdy)

Mordecai: Margaret?

Margaret: Hey Mordecai.

Mordecai: Margaret, when did you start wearing glasses?

Margaret: Um, my whole life.

Rigby: Hey guys, you might seem we're crazy but we are from a different world.

Margaret: Are you serious?

Rigby: Yes we're serious. Eileen is supposed to be the nerdy one and you're supposed to be the pretty one. Eileen: Oh Rigby, you and your cute imagination.

Mordecai: Look, this is a picture of you guys with us in our world.

(Gives them a photo of them when they were on the camping trip)

Margaret: Whoa, I am pretty.

Eileen: And I'm nerdy. You guys were right!

(They see that M&R left and they look at the picture then the scene goes back to the house)

Rigby: I hope Walks makes that mirror soon. I'm tired of living here.

Mordecai: Yeah.

(They go into the living room and they see Don wearing pants)

Rigby: Don?! You're wearing pants?!

Don: Bro! And yeah, why do you ask?

Rigby: But you can't stand pants!

Don: Are you kidding me? Pants are amazing! They are man kind's greatest invention!

Rigby: Uh, I'm gonna go get something to eat in the kitchen.

(Mordecai follows him into the kitchen and everyone else is there)

Tyson and Kaitlyn: Uncle Rigby and Mordecai!

(Run over to M&R and hug them)

Audrey: Ok, that's enough. Why don't you go outside and play?

Tyson and Kaitlyn: Ok.

(They go outside)

Audrey: Kids, they're a handful.

Mordecai: I bet. So Walks, have you finished that mirror yet?

Walks: Sorry guys but it's gonna take me at least the whole night.

Rigby: A whole night?! Aw man!

Benson: At least nothing bad has happened yet.

(They hear someone knocking on the front door) Pops: I will get it.

(Opens the front door and sees two tall men in suits)

Man #1: Excuse me sir, but have u seen this blue jay and racoon?

(Shows him a picture of Mordecai and Rigby)

Pops: Sorry but I have not seen those two strangers.

Man #2: Our cameras have tracked them to this house.

Pops: Oh, now that I think about it, I did see those two. They went into town.

Man #1: Thank you. Have a good day.

(They walk away, Pops closes the door and then goes back to the kitchen) Pops: Oh bad show, really bad show!

Audrey: What's wrong?

Pops: There were two men who were looking for Mordecai and Rigby.

Rigby: Aw man, we're wanted criminals!

Walks: Hopefully, they won't get you guys before I finish the mirror.

(A blast is heared coming from the front door and the two men with laser guns go into the kitchen)

Man #2: You freeze!

Muscle Man: Dudes, go and we'll stall them!

M&R: Ok!

Tyler: Walks, go with them so the mirror won't get broken!

Walks: Ok.

(Mordecai,Rigby, and Walks run out the kitchen door)

Benson: If you want them, you have to go through us first!

Man #1: Ok, maybe this will stop you!

(Man #2 is holding Tyson and Kaitlyn, they are tied together and there's tape on their mouths)

Audrey: Tyson, Kaitlyn! You let my kids go!

Man #1: Sorry but no.

(Sets the laser gun to tazer and zaps Audrey, making her unconscious)

Benson: Audrey!

(Man #1 tazes the rest of the guys, ties them up and drags them to their van then the scene goes to Mordecai, Rigby and Walks running to the golf cart)

Mordecai: Come on, get in!

(They get into the golf cart, Rigby is sitting in the front seat with Mordecai and Walks is behind them)

Man #1: (in the van) Stop!

Walks: Drive Mordecai, drive!

(Mordecai speeds away then the scene goes to the others in the back of the van)

Benson: (groans) Guys, guys get up!

Muscle Man: Man, that sucked.

Audrey: (unties Tyson and Kaitlyn and hugs them) Tyson, Kaitlyn, are you ok?

Tyson and Kaitlyn: We're ok.

Audrey: (crying) I was so worried about you!

Benson: (hugs them) Everything is gonna be ok. Let's just hope the others make it.

Muscle Man: Wait, guys I have an idea.

Tyler: Does it involve a flat tire?

Muscle Man: You read my mind bro.

(Muscle Man opens the door and sticks a nail into the back tire, causing the van to stop)

Man #2: I'll see what the problem is.

(Goes to the back of the van and Muscle Man pulls him into the van and they beat him up, thus making him unconscious)

Man #1: What's going on back there?

(Sees Man #2 on the ground beatned up)

Man #1: Are you ok? What happened?

(Sees Tyson and Kaitlyn holding the laser guns and they are set at tazzer)

Tyson and Kaitlyn: Let's see how you like it!

(They taze Man #1)

Benson: Way to go! Come on, let's get to the others.

(They get inside the van and Benson drives and the two men are seen waking up)

Audrey: (on the walkie-talkie) Guys, guys are you there?

Rigby: Yeah, we're here. Are you guys ok?

Audrey: We're fine, we're driving the van to you guys.

Mordecai: What about the men?

Audrey: Well, let's just say that they got into a little accident.

Tyson and Kaitlyn: That we caused. (laugh)

Muscle Man: Dudes, we have a problem!

Benson: Why, what's wrong?

Tyler: Those two guys are chasing us!

(The men crash into the bumper of the van and they scream)

Rigby: Guys, guys what's going on? Are you there?

(The walkie-talkie goes static)

Rigby: Guys, guys! Answer us!

Mordecai: Walks, are you done yet?

Walks: Just about.

Rigby: Guys, we've got company!

(They see the two men closing in on them)

Walks: Okay, done, here! (Gives Rigby the mirror) I'm gonna distract them and hold them off long enough for you to go back!

Rigby: Thanks Walks, for everything.

Walks: See ya guys!

(He jumps off the cart and lands on the men's car and they swerve)

Mordecai: (stops the cart) Dude, come on!

(They run out of the cart and put the mirror against a tree)

Man #1: Hey stop!

Rigby: Let's hope this works!

(Mordecai and Rigby jump into the mirror, a shock wave knocks the men down, and Mordecai and Rigby land on the ground)

Rigby: Did it work?

Mordecai: I'm not sure.

(They see the house is back to normal)

Mordecai: Dude, I think we're back!

(They run into the house)

Benson: Mordecai, Rigby! Where have you been?! I've been looking all day for you two slackers!

Mordecai and Rigby: Benson!

(They run over to Benson and hug him)

Benson: Would you get off me? What's wrong with you?

Rigby: We went to another world and you were married to Audrey, you had 2 kids and you wore a tuxedo!

Benson: I was married to Audrey and I had kids? You know what? Nevermind. I'm gonna finish some paperwork.

(Benson goes to his office and Skips, Pops, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost walk into the living room)

Rigby: Guys! You will not believe this but we went into another world and Skips walked, Pops was normal, Muscle Man was tall and muscular, Fives was a human, Eileen was pretty, Margaret was nerdy and Don wore pants!

Muscle Man: Is this from a dream you had or from your stupid imagination? Come on Fives, lets get out of this crazy people house.

(Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost leave)

Pops: Your imagination does sound fun Rigby.

Mordecai: No, it's true. We found a mirror in a bush and we took it into our room and it sucked us in and put us in a different world.

Skips: Is it still in your room?

Rigby: I think so. Let me check.

(Mordecai, Rigby and Skips go into M&R's room and the mirror is gone)

Mordecai: Aw what? Where did it go?

(Scene goes to Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost walking behind the house and they see the mirror in a dumpster against the wall of the house)

Muscle Man: Whoa check it out! A free mirror! Let's bring it to the trailer.

(Episode ends)