He is secretly planning to kill you


20 something




Cartoonist and arms dealer

Favorite video game series

Burnout, Luxor, and Call of Duty

Favorite number


Least favorite number


Has killed

Dinkleburg, Thomas, Starscream, and the entire Delta Force

Full name

Jesse Watts™

Deimos (Real name Jesse) is a 22-year-old cartoonist living in Maine, originally born in Cincinatti. Living close to the park, he often goes there for the open area provides an excellent picnic area and shooting range. He's made friends with the workers, except for Thomas, who, unfortunately, got in the way while Jesse was practicing his marksmanship.


Jesse has the average look of a teenager, with a Portal 2 hoodie, jeans, and tennis shoes. The shirt underneath his hoodie, if there's one at all, has never been known, and those who have asked have been killed.


  • He carries an MP9 and C4 under his hoodie.
  • He asked Google to blank out his house on Goolge Maps.
  • He is a known Call of Duty fanatic, often randomly dropping "Care Packages" in front of people's houses.
  • Most people know him as "that one guy who draws things," "that guy who left me a box of paperweights on my front yard," or "the man who flew a paper airplane with a drawing of me picking my nose into my window."
  • Jesse has trademarked his own name.