This is the second episode of Season 2 of Regular Randomness.












Wild Animals

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Brook and Bender goes camping and gets lost. On the way the meet bad animals and people and good animals and people.


  • scene starts with a yellow oriole in the green room, writing some script for the new episode of RR. Brook comes in, and notices Bender in the room. She takes a deep breath and walks up to him*

Brook: *thinking* You can do this! *talking* Hey Bender. I was wondering.. since nobody else wants to.. would you like to go camping with me?

Bender: Sure. Sounds fun.

Brook: Really?

Bender: Yeah. I'm not busy anyways. Plus it'll be good to get out of the studios, and just take some time to relax and have fun. And it'll be great for inspiration for an episode.

Brook: Cool. Get ready. We're gonna go at 5:30.

Bender: Cool. I'll meet you outside the studios.

  • scene shows Brook in the RR studios's livingroom. Stevie and Regina are there playing cards and RB, Ty and Angry, are playing with Angry's firebreath and Morgan, Steph and Candy are reading gossip magazines. Brook sits down next to Stevie and Regina.*

Brook: Girls! I have some news! Bender and I... are going camping together!

  • all three of them squeel*

Stevie: That's awesome news!

Regina: Goyle! You need to show him a good time, and make him work up to you.

  • scene shows Marus, MTA, Vincent, Daredevil Dude, Middle-Five-Ghost, and Taimere in the Cafeteria, eating and talking. Bender enters*

Bender: Guys! I have a date with Brook! What do I do?!

Marus: Depends. Where is it?


Marus: Calm down! All you need to do is fight a bear, capture food for her and sing songs about her in the campfire.

Bender: I do know how to fight a bear, I can capture food, and I am a good writer.. I'LL DO IT! THANKS MJ.

Marus: My pleasure.

  • scene shows Brook and Bender in Brook's RV, Bender's driving and Brook's listening to Heavy Metalaco on the radio.*

Bender: 5 minutes 'til we're there, Brook.

Brook: K. What shall we do for the 5 minutes?

Bender: We're there!

  • they pull up in the camping spot, walks over there, and tries to find some wood*

Bender: You have the tent?

Brook: Tent? I thought you had it.

Bender: Aww man! Where do we sleep?

Brook: I brought the sleeping bags. We can sleep in them... or we can find some kind of cabin.

Bender: I'll take the 2nd option.